KS3 Computing

Curriculum Topic /Schemes of Work

Following schemes of work are not fixed but can be modified to reflect a schools context. It is always important to ensure the units of work meet the needs of learners.

Other units that can be interchanged:

  • Kodu Game Programming

  • Computer System - Advance (GCSE preparation)

  • Business Challenge

  • Java Programming

  • Data Science - visualisations & patterns

  • Media & Animations

  • Microbit (Javascript)

Useful resources

Teach Computing - Excellent resources for Computing funded by DoE UK

BBC Bitesize - Excellent starting point for teachers and students, organised by Key Stage

Code.org - Various short course for students to work through, including 'hour of code'

Computer Science 4 Fun (CS4FN) - interesting topics and reading material about Computer Science

Seneca Learning - excellent revision and homework aid for all subjects including Computer Science

Teach-ICT - older site with relevant content

MicroBit - lots of lessons and resources for the MicroBit

Kitronik - Microbit accessories

Thunkable.com - Mobile App development using a drag and drop interface and block code

AppShed - Mobile App development